Esaret Episode 224 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 224 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 224 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 224 with English Subtitles Esaret Redemption Episode 224 Promo.Esaret episode 224 with english subtitles.There Was Nothing But Anger Inside .But You Should Show Me What I Really Need to Think About .I will never let them hurt you.I’ll Get Everything Back.
Orhun asked :What do you want in Return for the shares you get ?

Cihangir said that i want everything.orhan replied to him.You’re After Everything But You’ll Get Nothing.Nava said to orhan that my brother told me to apologize to you .just because my brother asked you for an excuse .hira Said to orhan I Remember Those Earrings From Somewhere.Nava talks to AFIFA and tells her.i saw one of them in my brother’s hotel room.

Heera was accused of being in the hotel room with her brother. .Afifa asks Heera what’s earing where are your earrings ?Tell me Heera speaks in her defense .But the afifa silences her.hira feel very upset .Afifa core is suspected But orhan , he believes in hira. He holds her hands and says that you don’t need to worry, I am with you.

I know the real reason behind the spice I know the real reason, you don’t need to worry, I am with you. But aFIFA doubts Heera and asks her where are her earrings. Surely you were in the hotel room with the cihangir.Nava puts a lot of doubt in Afeefa’s heart for hira.orhan , love is true, it always supports Hira. This is orhun due to which Heera is surviving in this mansion.

Esaret episode 224 english subtitles

Hello whoever wants to orhun and hira to have a child enjoy the article! Vist to my site to watch new episodes of the esaret series!What happened in esaret serial now? The tension reached its final point !

But perihan have made friends with our enemies .He is orhaan’s enemy. He wants to join hands with his enemies and destroy him.Read the article till the end to find out what will happen in the new episode of the esaret series .

As soon as Afifa said yes to Naya’s deal, Nava took advantage of it. As soon as her offer was calculated .Nava revealed her status . Naya along with her brother created a big game Now she wanted to trap Heera in the voice game. .So that orhun and Heera don’t get married and she can’t live together.So he went to Afifa and told that Heera was in the hotel room with my brother.

And I’ve seen them in very bad shape .They were with each other as if they were lovers. Afifa became suspicious of Heera and asked questions to Heera. Asked Heera where are your earrings ?

Heera gets upset and says I don’t know where my earrings have gone. And Afifa’s doubt turns into belief .But he does diamond throwing and we understand the whole game, so he tells him that I am with you, you do not need to worry, I have understood the whole game.

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