Why Ferit was afraid from saying the truth of the pregnancy to Seyran?

Why Ferit was afraid from saying the truth of the pregnancy to Seyran?

why Ferit was afraid from saying the truth of the pregnancy to Seyran?

Episode 15 is parallel to episode 51, but there is a possibility of a pregnant woman, but you are yet to find out
There is a possibility that someone will be hurt by them and they might walk to counterbalance the fear of walking on Farid
Abedin will not speak because he will feel that Zayren and Sajdah both are normal, but he will come early and see Sajdah in the palace and he doubts it, will he talk to Farid and Iran ??
Would Fred agree to Siran’s request?? And he won’t refuse and he’ll get it and regret it!!
Will Kaya save Sona from the evil effects or will he shut up??
They are surrounded by fire, but they are united and leaving everyone behind, and this is a sign of something to come
We will notice in the second episode, after the depression comes out in some of them and their struggle is over, the calmness is due to them, listening to some of them who want a middle decision for their lives in the right way.
The first thing I will start with is prostration, prostration is a leakage when she told Zeren that if you talk, they will expel your daughter and her son outside the palace, so he expected it to happen to what prostration is, tell the truth.
Another thing Sona, Sona is afraid of her sister, and this is something I love about her apart from what she does, and Kaya knew that Sona had a relationship with Abedin, and we will see how Kaya behaves.
Halis’s third thing is, what does he really want? He tells the spectator to watch Fred and not far away, he puts Belen in the same room with him to ensure that Fred does not go out, and if Belen goes out, she will say.
Fourth thing and finally Farid and Siran: Siran said to Kazem you will regret a lot Watch the revenge of Siran and Farid from Kazem is very excited, for the way Farid will know a line in Siran from Golgon and far from everything the fear of Golgon on Siran is very sweet, can Farid know where Siran is from the people I put watching her And they go behind them and find out its place, and Farid takes it, after that they go to the mountain house and they will reconcile.
📌In the shooting of Lavra and Mart in the palace
So it is possible that Siran and Farid reconcile, and Siran returns with him to the palace, and Halis and Belen are shocked.
Belen’s presence in the palace will lead to two things
The first thing I expected, Sajdah comes and says everything in front of Farid and walks, and the caravan happens as Sajdah said Hermo Belen and her son in front of the palace
The second thing is scary that will happen to Belen, of course, she will not want to have a walker in the palace, and she will want to take revenge on her and dress her in any disaster, you can hit the baby cat and think that nothing will happen to him and accuse him of walking in it, and of course Halis will not shut up her watch, nor Farid.
I tend to first expect because it is difficult to have Seran and Belin in the same palace.
And I have a great hope that Belin will come out of the palace with silver underneath it and the presence of a prostrate indicates that 🤍

Have you ever thought why Ferit was afraid from saying the truth of the pregnancy to Seyran?
Because he knows Seyran is stonger than him and wont accept it. And that she wont listen and will always think rationally unlike him driven by emotions

Thats why when he felt danger and that might happen again. He was trying to fix it away from Seyran. Because of the fear he had. Ferit fears Seyran as his mother not his partner and that is a great problem in their relation

Now Ferit is experiencing his insecurities he is now passing through all what he felt and all what he was afraid of and trying to escape from. He accepted defeat and now he finally expressed all his hidden feelings that he kept and was strangling him

For the first time, Ferit is saying everything he wanted to say and he couldn’t. And the words arent related to P he knows that he made a mistake already and he tried to fix it but failed but the words he is saying here is on their relation as a whole

“While I accepted you as you are, you never accepted the real me”
“While I was trying to change for you, you never tried to change for me”
“While I was trying to understand and listen to you, you never tried to understand and listen to me”

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