Esaret Episode 229 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 229 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 229 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 229 with English Subtitles Orhan We’ll talk candidly about the facts with you.I understand that you left the pictures on my desk, but why did you do this? All I wanted to do was reveal my brother’s real face.
Cihangir: Do you think you can hear me? Hira: I’d prefer not to speak.Cihangir: As a result of the robber.She then gives him a cheek slap.Orhun: Please tell my brother not to cross my path ever again.Neva: Hira hand me; there are no more people in the mansion.Orhun quickly took a plane to London.He went to the Afife Association right away.Cihangir: I’ll be there.Orhun, let’s have an honest conversation about the facts.

I know you left the images on my desk, but why did you do that?It’s still evident that I intended to display my brother’s true face. Cihangir pauses Heera in the following sentence and states, “I have not heard from you.” and gives him a face-slap. Othan has a strong faith in Hira.However, Neva causes issues for Hira. Orhun travels to London for business. Alone in the mansion, Hira claims to have told her brother,

Cihangir then commands that you visit the mansion.And sure, tell me not to look at my brother ever again. Orhun: these weeds will harm the young trees if you don’t remove them. I refuse to let any other herb to poison this flower.You are not to blame for what transpired.Don’t be depressed.

Orhan We’ll be open and honest with you about the facts.You placed the photos on my desk, which I can understand, but why did you do this? I only wanted to show the true face of my brother.

Esaret Episode 229  English Subtitles

Cihangir: Is it possible for you to hear me? Hira: I’d rather not say anything.Cihangir: Because of the thief.She then slaps him across the cheek.Orhun: Would you kindly inform my brother never to come across my way again?Neva: Hira hands me over; the mansion is empty now.Orhun flew to London immediately.He immediately proceeded to the Afife Association.Cihangir: I intend to attend.Orhun, let’s discuss the facts in a straightforward manner. I get that you placed the pictures on my desk, but why?I really did mean to show my brother’s real face, though.

In the next sentence, Cihangir stops Heera and says, “I have not heard from you.” He then gets a face-slap. Othan believes in Hira a great deal.But Hira has problems because of Neva. Orhun is on a business trip to London. Hira says she told her brother while she was by herself at the mansion. Then Cihangir orders you to go see the mansion.Yes, please tell me to never again look at my brother. Orhun: If you don’t get rid of these weeds, they will hurt the young trees. I will not allow this blossom to be poisoned by any other herb.You have nothing to do with what happened.Avoid becoming melancholy.

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